Album selection: Georg Nigl and Olga Pashchenko, Sylvain Luc, Noel Gallagher, Kassa Overall, Gribouille, EABS meets Jaubi

  • Georg Nigl and Olga Pashchenko


Selection of Lieder by Franz Schubert, Carl Loewe, Robert Schumann and Hugo Wolf by Georg Nigl (baritone) and Olga Pashchenko (piano).

Cover of the album “Echo”, by Georg Nigl and Olga Pashchenko.

It only takes two minutes to grasp the exceptional dimension of this disc. Restored according to a faithful return to the manuscript, the rather rare Viola (” the violet “), by Franz Schubert, the listener is immediately blown away by the art of Georg Nigl. The Austrian baritone does not base his expression as a master storyteller on an infinitely rich voice, but on the real sound universe that it determines, as luminous in the bass as in the treble. Schubert’s cycle then appears to us as a pop-up book, from which each page brings out figures with impressive relief. Just as irresistible in the intimate register of Der Vater mit dem Kind (“the father with his child”), Georg Nigl leaves Schubert for a grandiose projection of theErlkönig (“The Alder King”), by Carl Loewe, from which he then gives a selection of Lieder to great effect. Notably, Die Wandelnde Glocke (“the walking bell”), which benefits from the sheaves of dread produced by the janissary pedal of the pianoforte. If the singer’s performance is breathtaking, that of his accompanist, Olga Pashchenko, is no less so. For Robert Schumann (on texts by Andersen), as for Hugo Wolf (forays into the fantastic), this duo of magicians (illusion is their kingdom) magnificently brings the Lieder from the living room to the theatre. Pierre Gervasoni

1 CD Alpha Classics/Outhere Music.

Simple Song

Cover of the album “Simple Song”, by Sylvain Luc.

Sylvain Luc, guitarist and composer, worldwide reputation, total artist. Simple Song, solo album, for proof, in nineteen brief pictures. Love of the whole guitar, subtlety of harmonics, delicacy of touch, impregnable rhythm, useless to drown in the praise of virtuosity, this trap for idiots. Sylvain Luc was born in Bayonne in 1965, into a family of ballroom musicians. Ten years of cello at the city conservatory can’t hurt. Guitarist, Sylvain Luc has reached the heights (comparable in this to Biréli Lagrène, with whom he often plays), without ever losing the smiling humility of ballroom musicians. Children’s Song put down the cards. Change the World beat them. For the spirit, the personality and the range of possibilities, see Indifference (Tony Murena) or Waltz for Debby (Bill Evans). Nineteen universes in one. We never get tired. Very great music lesson in all simplicity. Francis Marmande

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