An aperitif with Isabelle Morini-Bosc: “Cyril Hanouna has a form of genius”

Isabelle Morini-Bosc in the Durand-Dupont café-restaurant, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, on March 28, 2023.

When her red silhouette appears on a set, all eyes turn to her, the “Queen Isabelle”, capable of varying the audience of a television program, a word, or rather a pun, in his morning column on RTL (3.1 million listeners, source Médiamétrie). Even if she is best known for having joined, in May 2013, the band of “Touche pas à mon poste! “(“TPMP”), Cyril Hanouna’s buzz program on C8, has been scouring the media for twenty-seven years. A longevity that questions. Appointment is therefore made at Durand-Dupont, in Neuilly (Hauts-de-Seine), near the premises of the RTL-M6 group.

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At 66, Isabelle Morini-Bosc seems to defy time, dressed in red as usual, from the platform shoes to the trouser set given to her by her friend Mireille Mathieu. And if she orders a coffee as an aperitif, it’s not because she’s tired – she’s used to getting up at 4 o’clock – but because she doesn’t like alcohol. On the other hand, it will not touch the speculoos that accompanies it. “Each time, I think of “speculum”. » So, of course…

The tone is set for two and a half hours, the time for this fan of television to let the cultured woman, the wife and warrior she has become, express herself after being abused and raped.

Isabelle Bosc was born on the 1er october 1956 “at the madhouse” – an unwelcome allusion to the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. From a father, orphan, from Haute-Savoie, who became a dam builder, capable of winning contracts “with the Chinese playing ping-pong all night” and to withdraw from civilization one week a year on the Causse Méjean: “A hell of a guy! » Disappeared, while his mother, “flamboyant”half-Savoyard, half-Brazilian, still lives in Montauban, ” But for how long “ ?

A “vocation for the sublime”

Better to be resistant, at the Bosc. His nurse sister, thirteen months his senior, saw her son die at the age of 3. Her brother, thirteen years her junior, survived a plane crash in 1993. “Severely burned, transplanted, amputated… he no longer has all his organs, but he assumes everything. He is hypermnesic. He is the person I admire most in the world. »

From this family, she inherited her love of nature – “Water will be the gold of IIIe millennium », his grandfather, a diplomat, repeated to him. And a detestation of travel, a love of languages, history, painting, drawing.

But above all his passion for television. “My parents didn’t want it, for fear it would kill family life. » From then on, it becomes an obsession for the little girl, who buys TV 7 Days secretly and learns the programs by heart. Shelter ? In primary school, Isabelle Bosc does not follow, and the school sends her to a shrink… who concludes with: “Vocation for the sublime. » But the child did not tell him about the main thing, the touching suffered, from a friend of the family: “He’s 35, you’re 7. A classic shot. » She repeats her CM2. “ I didn’t understand anything, like a hermetically sealed Tupperware. » Then doubles his 5e. “Now it looks like I’ve been through an autistic transition. » She is doing brilliantly. Since then, she will have an average of 19 until her baccalaureate, then will study Industrial Fine Arts in Grenoble.

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