At the Marsatac festival, Le Rat Luciano attacks again

The Rat Luciano, March 7, 2023, during the filming of the “Z” clip in the sewers of Marseille.

The Marsatac festival, which takes place until June 18 in Marseille, with among others Aya Nakamura, Gazo, PLK, Josman as headliners, in 2017 allowed the group Fonky Family to meet again on stage. This year, the Marseille event will celebrate another scenic resurrection, that of the child from the Panier, one of its working-class neighborhoods. For almost ten years, Le Rat Luciano had disappeared from radar screens, before the compilations 13Organized Or Classicoby Jul, give visibility and vigor to his rhymes.

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On May 11, 2023, during the Flames ceremony at the Théâtre du Chatelet in Paris, which rewarded French-speaking rap, R’n’B and dancehall artists, the “old man” had already moved even the most hardened. The author of a single solo album, Lifestyle… Concrete Style, released in 2000, is, according to Driver, the show’s host, “the favorite rapper of our favorite rappers”, the one who “Leaved an indelible legacy, inspired by his simplicity, his art, his person”according to his younger brother the rapper SCH.

Little black jacket, white shirt that sticks out of his pants, skinny, short but white hair, small glasses for those whose sight is failing… as he approaches fifty, Le Rat Luciano holds his Flame against his heart and smacks his thanks as his rhymes: “To my early fans who have always supported me like a rope supports a hanged man… my neighborhood, my city, without them I would only be a city rat. Thank you very much and I’ll tell you later. »

” Street art »

Christophe Carmona, 47, finally felt ready to return to the stage. In rehearsal with DJ Djel, the emblematic rapper from Marseille still remains enigmatic about his years of absence: In life, sometimes you have challenges to face, he said. No one calls you anymore. You put things on stand-by, you focus on what’s really important. » But he immediately reassures: “I never stopped rapping, ever. At times, there were little periods of a month when I couldn’t, I had a lot of responsibilities. But, even at night, I tried to write, all the time. »

His love of words was not given to him by school, he who was expelled from college for rummaging through his music teacher’s bag, but “this street art” which he had given the definition in the album of the same name of the Fonky Family in 2001 : “Hello to those who talk about music / who describe joy, anguish, hatred and love / Without precise methods, without being enticed by the lure of profit / But just because they feel the need / We tired of laughing, glory to the street art/Dedicated to the tough people and to all those of your street. »

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