At the Mises en capsules festival, theater is savored in short forms

Where to discover Pascale Arbillot as a resurrected mother, Clément Viktorovitch in the skin of a political adviser, or even a trio of activists leading an unusual action against Elon Musk to stop the crazy technological race? This eclecticism is the hallmark of the Mises en capsules festival, which for its 15e edition takes its traditional quarters at the Théâtre Lepic, in Paris. Until June 10, this meeting of short theatrical forms once again reveals beautiful discoveries, where young shoots and seasoned actors, dramas and comedies, alone-on-stage and troupe theater mix.

The principle is always the same, which made the success of these evenings of contemporary creation. At each session, five short formats, five “capsules” of thirty minutes follow one another. Projects in the making, they will be brought – or not – at the end of these particular previews to perform in long form. “For now, it looks more like a big column, but the idea is to go to a show”comments Clément Viktorovitch, political scientist accustomed to the media (columnist on Franceinfo and in “Daily”, on TMC), at the end of his performance.

In The subversion of language (co-written with Ferdinand Barbet), this doctor in political science leaves his role of analyst to put on the costume of candidate maker, of cynical but effective mentor. Dissecting the importance of the face of employment, concocting a remarkable speech full of fear but empty of meaning, his demonstration of the essential ingredients to lead a politician to the top of the State proves to be relentless. This half-hour flies by and, we bet, could soon become a full-fledged solo.

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Multiple universes

In a completely different style, Freedom Club also has good potential to develop into a play. Like climate activists multiplying operations to warn of the urgency to act in the face of global warming, Nicolas Le Bricquir imagined and staged a trio of friends ready to do anything to fight against crazy technological advances – foremost among which is artificial intelligence – which could lead “humanity at its loss”. The very special commando operation (feces was dropped by drone on Elon Musk, a guest at Station F, in Paris), with its unexpected consequences, turns into an inventive thriller and an essential reflection on our destiny in the face of machines.

Let’s also mention – among the seven capsules that we were able to discover out of the fifteen that were offered this year – the new proposal by Marc Arnaud. The actor and author rewarded in 2022 with a Molière for The Stork Metamorphosisstaged in It’s like that a family facing the mourning of a mother to whom her son did not say goodbye. They never spoke to each other without shouting at each other, so should we pretend, at the hour of death, to say good things, to hide the nature of a relationship? From the choice of texts for the ceremony, to the burial, spouses and children prepare their farewells. Pascale Arbillot, as a mother gone too quickly, tries to offer her son the possibility of mourning and is poignantly truthful.

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