At the Montpellier Danse festival, the combat dances of Nadia Beugré

Nadia Beugré, at the Cité internationale de la danse, in Montpellier, in June 2022.

Something lively, urgent, whirling passes over your body, or very close to it, and it takes you a few minutes to put your hair back together. This tornado is named after Nadia Beugré. In the city as on the stage, the Ivorian dancer and choreographer shakes up. Unforgettable memory of his second solo free quarters, on view in 2015, at the Tarmac, in Paris. Imperious in a petticoat of plastic bottles, vomiting a garbage bag stuck in her mouth, she radiated fierce beauty.

His appearance in a Parisian cafe, Friday, May 26, long braids twirling at the slightest movement of the head, releases nervous waves. The one who has chosen to live in Montpellier since 2009 arises for a few days in the capital between two trains. From the outset, she goes straight to the heart of the matter: her need for trust and understanding. “I am self-taught, I come from a red-light district of Abidjan. I struggled to be where I am today, the road is thorny, but I keep going…”

Attention, therefore, to each word, each nuance, each sound, even, emitted by this artist who intertwines lyrical French and words of nouchi, slang from Abidjan, with a singing accent. Everything sounds strong, carried away in the flow of a complex and rowdy language. And there are always commas and ellipsis in this story that I am writing…”, she adds.

Before the Autumn Festival, which will present three of her pieces from September 19, Nadia Beugré is performing at Montpellier Danse, which starts on Tuesday June 20. She created her new show there, entitled Prophetic (we are already born), around the transgender community of Abidjan, of which four members are present on the set alongside two other performers.

“Nadia’s universe is in tune with today’s issues, those of gender, black skin, black women and lesbians, emphasizes Jean-Paul Montanari, director of the Montpellier event. I have known her for a long time and she remains a mystery to me. She has incredible strength on stage, but she’s more fragile than you might think. » He paid for the plane ticket Abidjan-Montpellier when Nadia Beugré, in 2009, decided to come and work there.

Meeting with Béatrice Kombé

At 42, she who dances spontaneously from childhood in family celebrations says it frankly: “Dancing took me away from crime. » And before, it’s football that ” Safe “ the teenager born in the district of Abobo, in Abidjan, within a large family of “twelve or thirteen children”. “I left school in CM2, she remembers. I was walking around the neighborhood and playing soccer with my friends. » The father is Muslim and polygamous. The mother is “the nice woman in the neighborhood” who was handing out yogurt ice cream on the playground.

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