At the Théâtre du Rond-Point, the appearance of the students of Kourtrajmé

And, in the end, there are only seven left. Five girls and two boys. They are between 20 and 35 years old, come from all walks of life and form the third promotion of the Kourtrajmé school of actors, in Montfermeil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 June, after six months of intensive training, Siham Falhoune, Mohamed Far, Wael Khatim, Pauline Pralong, Mira Gouled, Amina Zouiten and Adrienne d’Anna presented their first collective creation, Jnoun.eson the main stage of the Théâtre du Rond-Point, in Paris.

Siham Falhoune during the rehearsals of “”, by the Kourtrajmé Company, at the Kourtrajmé School, in Montfermeil.

With their words, their references, their experience, their imagination, they lent themselves to a form of catharsis, freeing themselves in turn from the roots that hinder them, from a body that obsesses them, from a father that oppresses them, of a religion that invades them, of an inferiority complex that slows them down, or even of a representation of women that worries them. In a succession of often tragicomic solos, interspersed with polyphonic songs from the world, these budding actors emancipate themselves from their past, their torments and their fears, as much by the body as by the word. The dramaturgy goes crescendo, their stories sometimes take to the guts. They have nothing to lose, everything to gain from this gaming experience that has been offered to them to reach their artist’s dream. And give, they hope, the “best version” of themselves.

“Create a counter-model”

The path has not been easy. At the end of 2022, they were selected from several hundred applicants to join the “acting” section of the Kourtrajmé School. Created by Ladj Ly (Wretched, 2019) in order to democratize access to film professions, this school no longer only trains screenwriters, directors or editors. Since October 2020, actress Ludivine Sagnier and director Sébastien Davis have had carte blanche to take the reins of a new training for actors. The philosophy remains the same: no diploma condition is required to apply (the selection is made on video, motivation and audition), the training is free and the students who need it can be accommodated on site.

“The idea was not to create one more school, but to create a counter-model to bring out a new generation of actors outside the traditional circuits.summarizes Sébastien Davis, educational director. Being in the suburbs, one hour from Paris, allows young people intimidated by establishments in the capital to uninhibit themselves. Above all, we take the gamble of training them in six months, because most would not have the means to follow three years of school. » Six months of community life, six months of intensive workshops, where “everything must start from the body and not only from the texts”he insists: “We help them shape what they have inside them. » As the training progressed, each student wrote a ten-minute solo. Then Sébastien Davis compiled and staged them by intertwining them with ingenuity.

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