Cannes 2023: Quentin Tarantino, a filmmaker who loves his audience

Quentin Tarantino, in Cannes, May 25, 2023.

The icing on the cake for the Quinzaine des cinéastes which, before closing its 55e edition, received, Thursday, May 25, Quentin Tarantino, for a carte blanche followed by a conversation around his latest book, cinema speculations (Flammarion, 448 p., 25 euros), where the author of pulp Fiction, Kill Bill And Once Upon a Time in… Hollywoodswapping the camera for critical exercise, looks back at the films of the 1970s that saw him grow up.

Drawn from this rich corpus, the surprise film screened immediately after was legitimate violence (1977), by John Flynn, a watchful movie (personal revenge story) little known, dry and muscular, of those that the director loves so much to the point of christening his production company “Rolling Thunder Pictures”, after the original title, rolling thunder.

By presenting it on stage, the cinevorous filmmaker, announcing with great fanfare a screening on 35mm film »asked the room to defrancize » (unfrench yourselves) and therefore to react When (they would have) want to react, to shout when (they would have) want to scream ».

impassable limit

The discussion was carried by the voluble and inexhaustible eloquence of a Tarantino in great shape, not afraid to answer in large widths to the questions posed by the general delegate of the event, Julien Rejl. The regular analysis of the film presented, rich in strong action scenes, naturally deviated on the question of violence, which the filmmaker has often approached in his own films, as a pure artificer.

Yes I like violent movieshe said. Like other people love musicals or slapstick movies. I find it extremely cinematic, it’s fun, and it’s never just stories, to be enjoyed as stories. » I have often seen gore films far beyond reasonablehe readily admits, but the only times i felt a problem with the violence was because it was badly done. »

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“It is important to understand that in cinema it is above all a question of pretendinghe explained. We’re just kids playing. It’s not real blood on screen. People don’t really hurt themselves – sometimes they do, because they’re overzealous, but that’s not the point. »

As a cinephile, the guest nevertheless poses an impassable limit, as for the spectacle of the killing of animals, something that was done a lot at one time in European or Asian films ». I don’t pay for my place to see an actual death on screenhe said, showing himself in this case intractable. Whether it’s a dog, a llama or even a fly. »

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