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Chloé Mons, Céleste Brunnquell, Megan Northam in the film

In the outings of the week, conjugality appears to be a veritable battlefield, which we look towards the peace process, by Ilan Klipper, where a couple experiences their conflict as a devastating front line, or towards lovelife, of Koji Fukada, where the family is a fragile edifice built on ruins. The household war does not spare even the animation, since it is also what deals with Marcel the shell (with his shoes), by Dean Fleischer-Camp, with his little transitional creature that allows you to overcome a breakup.

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“The Peace Process”: marital front line

two months later Travels in Italy, by Sophie Letourneur, ninety-six years later Dawn, by Friedrich Murnau the peace process, by Ilan Klipper, makes the wear and tear of the couple, and their hypothetical rescue, the argument of his new film. As the title suggests, it’s a film about love, and therefore about war.

Simon and Marie, parents of two young children, are the two main belligerents. Him, professor of history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She, on the other hand, is constantly at full throttle, an ultra-frontal fighter, host of a feminist radio show that is making waves. Suffice to say that electricity emerges from this Hawksian couple, worked against a backdrop of Jewish catastrophism.

The layout of this ordinary hell is stylized, transforming almost every place into a strategic site with an accompanying battle scene. Trivial chaos of the marital apartment. Driven red of the radio. Extreme psychodramatic tension of the mother’s house (Ariane Ascaride as a former leftist and kibbutznik) where the unconscious seriously relaxes, occasionally overflowing in a faecal debacle. J. Ma.

French film by Ilan Klipper. With Damien Bonnard, Camille Chamoux, Sabrina Seyvecou, ​​Sofiane Khammes, Ariane Ascaride, Jeanne Balibar, Quentin Dolmaire (1h32).

“Marcel the seashell (with his shoes)”: the clam animation

In the category of independent and countercultural American animation, Dean Fleischer-Camp delivers with Marcel the shell (with his shoes) a melodrama with crisp freshness, endowed with a soft poetry and a surrealist inspiration, a breath of fresh air created between real shots and 3D animation. Its main character, the said Marcel, is a small periwinkle-type shell, whose shell presented horizontally constitutes the head, encrusted at the right end with a gigantic eye with a soft green rim.

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