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Beautiful program this week for moviegoers: the disturbing Rule 34awarded the Locarno Golden Leopard in 2022, is coming to theaters, but also a comedy, Wow!by Bruno Podalydès, an animated film, My Love Affair with Marriageby Signe Baumane, a documentary, Little Saturdayby Paloma Sermon-Daï, without forgetting the Jean Eustache retrospective and the resumption in certain cinemas, even before their next distribution, of several films presented at Cannes.

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“Rule 34”: pleasure and the politics of bodies

In the profusion of remarkable works that were gathered in competition, in Locarno (Switzerland), in 2022, figured Rule 34, the third feature film by Brazilian director Julia Murat, awarded the Golden Leopard. An experimental film, which any feminist would dream of, anxious to embrace the complexity of certain issues (pornography, sex work, etc.), beyond any moral judgement. Simone (Sol Miranda), a young Afro-Brazilian woman, aspiring lawyer, is finishing her law studies. At university, discussions about the flaws in Brazil’s penal system are heated – and exciting.

The young lawyer has another life, her desires leading her towards a sado-masochistic sexuality. Simone monetizes her services on a porn site, or “performs” her desires with a duo of friends. There is an unexpected sweetness in this chronicle of a Brazilian youth that rhymes pleasure and body politics. The film also takes on the appearance of a thriller as Simone conducts increasingly advanced experiments, at the request of a client – ​​the film is prohibited for those under 16 years old. In shots of disturbing plasticity, the Brazilian filmmaker films the freedom of a woman who reappropriates male fantasies by replaying them according to her own rules. Never seen anything like it in the movies. Cl.F.

Brazilian film by Julia Murat. With Sol Miranda, Lucas Andrade (1h40).

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“Wow! »: stripping agents per square meter

The argument is simple as pie. Two real estate agents take turns visiting two properties in Bougival (Yvelines). On the one hand, a functional one-bedroom apartment in the city center; on the other hand, a large bourgeois house “swimming pool” with a view of the RER and work to be planned. Let’s say it right away, this film, shot in less than a month, is a success that has aroused the famous “wow” after which run the two advisers.

A few words about them. Oracio (Bruno Podalydès) easily gets the keys tangled up but knows how to play on sensitive strings. And then there is Catherine (Karin Viard), recently widowed. Foresighted and conscientious, she crosses the town in no time on a small scooter that is easy to park, and puts on medical overshoes when she shows the apartment of which she knows the surface area of ​​each room inside out. In this rhythmic comedy with impeccable dialogues of humor, even the real estate agents have the spleen. And each of their appearances, stalkers and inhabited, gives the impression that they are playing out their lives on a theater stage. Mr. Dl.

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