Comedian Guillaume Bats, follower of self-mockery and provocation, is dead

Guillaume Bats, before the Ligue 1 match between PSG and Lyon, at the Parc des Princes, in Paris, on April 2, 2023.

He was the best known of the disabled comedians because he was the first to use the stage to make fun of himself and us, our outlook and our prejudices about “different” people. Guillaume Bats died Thursday June 2 at the age of 36. Affected since birth by brittle bone disease – the same pathology as the musician Michel Petrucciani – he had chosen humor “almost out of obligation, to feel better and accept myselfhe summarized on May 28 in the columns of the Sunday newspaper ». Adept at self-mockery and provocation, he launched, in 2016, in his first one-man-show Out of frame : “They say that God created man in his own image… I have a doubt! »

Guillaume Bats disappears when he had multiple projects. He was on tour for his new show, inchallah. “Notre-Dame burned down, not him! The funniest gargoyle in Paris comes down from the cathedral to go up on stage again for the time of repairs », announced the comedian. In particular, he was to play it in July at the Avignon off festival. Then, at the end of the year, he was to shoot in a comedy written by his producer and co-author, Jérémy Ferrari.

It was in 2012, on the program “On n’demande qu’en rire”, hosted by Laurent Ruquier, on France 2, that Guillaume Bats met Jérémy Ferrari. This will be the beginning of a long collaboration and a great friendship, the two comedians having the same taste for dark humor and provocation. Jérémy Ferrari will choose him to do the first parts of his tour, then produce, with the magician and humorist Eric Antoine, his shows and will regularly associate him with his program “Les duos impossibles de Jérémy Ferrari”, on Canal+.

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“I was tired of people laughing at me for free, now I charge”

Born Guillaume Batreau, in Reims, Guillaume Bats was abandoned at birth and placed at the DDASS. After several host families, he ended up finding hospitality with a lady who would become, he summarized “his loving mother”.

“The high school courtyard was my first scene. As I say in my first show: I was tired of people laughing at me for free, now I’m charging », told this man of one meter forty, with the deformed body. On stage he recounts his life, his seduction strategies, his job searches, etc. The stand-up becomes his element. Guillaume Bats manages to transform his biting lucidity into comic strength. “Even Daesh tried to recruit me: they told me that I would make a great suicide bomber in tight places”he joked.

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