Drag queens in the spotlight and controversy

Long confined to the fringes of LGBT bars, drag queens are now everywhere thanks to the worldwide success of the show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. This television competition created in 2009 on an American cable LGBT channel has since been broadcast on Netflix and has sixteen franchises worldwide, including “Drag Race France”, whose second season will soon be broadcast on France 2.

A visibility acquired with tenacity by these artists, but which has recently turned against them. In the United States, many laws in conservative states target trans people, as well as drag queens. In France too, far-right activists have disrupted readings of children’s stories.

How was drag born? How does this artistic practice evolve, while the interest of the general public is growing? How do the queens deal with the increasing number of attacks?

In this episode of the “L’Heure du Monde” podcast, Sofian Aissaoui, journalist, director and author of the book Drag, the other face of queens and kings(La Musardine Eds, 2022), recounts the origins of this world of glitter, threatened today by controversy.

An episode by Jean-Guillaume Santi and Quentin Tenaud. Directed by: Quentin Tenaud. Credits music: Amandine Robillard. Presentation and editor-in-chief: Jean-Guillaume Santi. In this episode: report in Portland at Darcelle XV, interview with drag queen Coco Ricard, report at Minima Gesté’s drag bingo. INA archive (“At Michou in Montmartre”, ORTF, 1969). Excerpts from music Let Me Be A Drag Queen (Sister Queen), Supermodel, You Better Work And cover girl (RuPaul).

“The Hour of the World”

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