Jérôme Chapuis will present the morning of Franceinfo at the start of the school year

Jérôme Chapuis during a Club Landoy debate, at the Maison de la Radio, on November 9, 2011.

He had left the radio for the written press in 2019, in order to quench “a thirst for the written press” who worked it ” always “, he told us in January. Jérôme Chapuis, editorial director of the daily The cross since 2021 (after two years as editor-in-chief), will return to his first love at the start of the school year to present the morning of Franceinfo.

Expected for several days, as has been written The letter a, the journalist will take over from Marc Fauvelle, called to direct the editorial staff of France Inter. His name was part of a short list that became topical again after the arrival of Patrick Cohen at the post had been recorded by the director of the station, Jean-Philippe Baille, and the president of Radio France, Sibyle Veil, then refused. . The announcement was made by email this afternoon at 3 p.m. simultaneously to employees of Franceinfo and The cross.

The names of Maxime Switek (BFM-TV) and Matthieu Belliard (France 5), but also, internally, Lorrain Sénéchal and Jean-Rémi Baudot, were also frequently mentioned.

Rumors and meeting at “La Croix”

AT The cross, Jérôme Chapuis has just worked on the launch of a new formula, accompanied by a reorganization painfully experienced by part of the team. A reduction in pagination had been recorded, in January, for economic reasons, and while the development strategy of the Catholic daily on digital is struggling to bear fruit. A new back office must also be set up at the start of the school year in September, before a new site is launched in January 2024.

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Troubled by rumors of the transfer of the 46-year-old journalist to radio, the editorial staff of The cross had requested an extraordinary meeting, Tuesday, June 13, which was held in the afternoon. In front of the employees, Jérôme Chapuis admitted having been contacted by Jean-Philippe Baille on June 8.

Assuring that he had no desire to leave, he said he needed to think about the proposal made to him, and to which he had not yet given an answer. He had promised her to his troops ” before the end of the week “.

Jérôme Chapuis knows the director of Franceinfo well for having worked under his direction at RTL, where he joined in 2011 after having worked at RMC and Europe 1. For three seasons, from 2012 to 2015, he also presented the political program Sunday, “The Grand Jury”. Since 2018, he has also hosted “Un monde en doc” on Public Sénat.

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