“Last night in Milan”: the final skid of a policeman

Franco Amore (Pierfrancesco Favino) in “Last night in Milan”, by Andrea Di Stefano.


On the eve of his retirement, the policeman Franco Amore (who well deserves his surname, as he is loved by all) accepts, to round off his difficult ends of the month, to convoy with his partner, on behalf of the mafia Chinese, a couple carrying smuggled diamonds. What should have gone off without a hitch goes haywire: the convoy is attacked and the final night of duty for a man (played by the stunning Pierfrancesco Favino) who has put himself on both sides of the law will be long.

Director and screenwriter, Andrea Di Stefano had fun dissecting a few hours of tension and various twists and turns during which a man’s life and reputation are in danger. Chronological deconstruction, changes of points of view, narrative mannerisms abound in a film which does not avoid a certain emphasis (omnipresence of music, sometimes useless dilation of time and situations).

The best moments, those which demonstrate the director’s undeniable know-how, reside in the pure scenes of suspense and action and, above all, in the sequence of the car journey, during which a progressive feeling of danger is found particularly well. establishment. Last night in Milan appears as the ghost of a certain forgotten transalpine detective cinema.

Italian film by Andrea Di Stefano. With Pierfrancesco Favino, Linda Caridi, Antonio Gerardi (2 h 05).

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