Maïwenn explains in the “JDD” about her attack on Edwy Plenel

Maïwenn with Johnny Depp, lead role in his film

Filmmaker Maïwenn told the Sunday newspaper this Saturday, June 10, what he pushed her to attack Edwy Plenel, on February 22. She mentions a publication by Mediapart of his “hearing” in the Luc Besson case. The father of his daughter is accused of rape by an actress, which he disputes.

“I do not blame Mediapart for the investigations they have carried out concerning Luc Besson. I blame them for what they did to me.”, launches Maïwenn (her name, Le Besco, is not used, she signs her films with her first name alone). She assures that she met a journalist from Mediapart end of 2018 about the investigation of this media on Luc Besson, whom she says she no longer frequents ” Since twenty years “. The director then tells the journalist that she does not want ” speak “.

But, at the beginning of 2021, Mediapart publish “an article with bits of his hearing” made in June 2020 before the judicial police. “It’s a cataclysm. I felt a moral rape”emphasizes Maïwenn. “If nothing justifies attacking a journalist, nothing justifies violating a woman’s privacy”, she adds again. She goes on to accuse Edwy Plenel of “use MeToo as a shield”.

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The actress and director had already publicly acknowledged in May, on the show Daily (TMC), assaulting Edwy Plenel, then refusing to explain. Edwy Plenel had filed a complaint in March for this attack. The president and editor of Mediapart relates that on February 22, when he was having dinner with a lawyer in a restaurant on 12e district of Paris, “a woman, previously seated, alone, at another table appeared and in a very short time (I’)grabbed him violently by the hair, throwing his head back and spitting on his face”. The woman, later identified by restaurant staff as Maïwenn Le Besco, “hastily left the restaurant without anyone being able to intervene given the speed of the action”.

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“An investigation is open. Edwy Plenel was heard two weeks ago. The other witnesses are being heard”told AFP in mid-May the journalist’s lawyer, Mr.e Pierre-Emmanuel Blard. The Court of Cassation will deliver its decision on June 21 on the rape accusations made by actress Sand Van Roy against Luc Besson.

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