“Pornomelancolia”: the moods of a pornstar in front of the camera

Lalo Santos in


It starts out weird. A man, in the middle of the street, begins to sob softly in the general indifference of passers-by in the modern metropolis. The man is Lalo, whom we gradually discover. A factory worker, Lalo is also very active on social networks where he publishes erotic videos, featuring himself. He obtains a role in a homosexual pornographic film where he pays for himself to play a gay Emiliano Zapata. But Lalo seems to never have to get rid of a feeling of sadness that regularly invades him.

pornomelancolia endeavors to describe a somewhat strange character, a pornstar whose melancholy can perhaps be explained by this feeling of a solitary life caused by the dictatorship of the virtual world of the Internet. It can also be explained, no doubt, by the awareness that what could escape the prescriptions of society and wage labor, sex, automatically brings it back when it becomes a commodity spectacle, even an ironic one.

Thus the feeling of getting out of his loneliness by making films can only plunge him into the heart of the prescriptions and constraints of the social world. Clever rhetoric that makes Argentinian Manuel Abramovich’s fourth feature film a wise reflection on sex as fiction and truth. It is his own role that the main actor interprets and we guess that many of the protagonists of the film come from the world of gay porn. This authenticity recalls the ambiguous nature of a show which, to achieve its objective, can never do without the thickness of reality.

Argentinian film by Manuel Abramovich. With Lalo Santos, Diablo, Brandon Ley (1h34).

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