Rammstein singer accused of sexual assault, German government demands action

  Till Lindemann, lead singer of German metal band Rammstein, performs on stage in Hanover, northern Germany, July 2, 2019.

The German government on Tuesday June 6 requested measures to protect the female public of Rammstein after accusations of sexual assault against the singer of the metal group. “Young people in particular must be better protected against attacks”family minister, environmentalist Lisa Paus, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) as Rammstein, one of Europe’s best-known metal bands, is in full tour on the continent .

The singer of the group, Till Lindemann, is accused by several women of sexual assault, reported in recent days the NDR channel and the daily Suddeutsche Zeitung. He is notably suspected of choosing young women from the front rows of the group’s concerts, who are then invited backstage for after-concert parties. Two of these women claim to have undergone non-consensual sexual acts after being drugged at these parties, which the group has denied.

The Minister for the Family proposes in particular the establishment of protection zones for women during concerts as well as teams likely to intervene in the event of sexual assault. We need to discuss “quickly and concretely” protective measures, asks Lisa Paus, for whom “a serious debate on the responsibility of artists and organizers vis-à-vis their fans would be useful”.

A system at the service of the singer

Another survey, conducted by the weekly Die Weltdescribes a real system at the service of the singer, the women present in the front row being filmed or photographed so that Lindemann, 60, can make his choice.

Four sold-out concerts are scheduled for this week at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The area just in front of the stage (“Row Zero”) in which the singer would have spotted the young women will be deleted.

“The organizer informed us yesterday that there will be no Row Zero or Aftershow Party here at home”told AFP Tobias Kohler, spokesman for the stadium where the group will perform for its big show concerts.

The group, founded in 1994 and experienced in provocations in its clips, must notably perform in the coming weeks in France, Italy, Switzerland or even Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria.

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