“Secret Invasion”, on Disney+: Samuel L. Jackson brings superhero Nick Fury out of retirement

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in the “Secret Invasion” series, created by Kyle Bradstreet.


From January 15, 2021 to October 13, 2022, from the pilot of Wanda Vision in the first season finale of she hulk, Marvel Studios has released seven series on the platform of its parent company, Disney, a new production every three months. Secret Invasion arrives after an eight-month hiatus, a symptom of the austerity that now rules the world of streaming. Rather than saturating the market with enticing offers in order to enlarge their portfolio of subscribers, Disney and its peers prefer to make each title profitable.

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These trivial considerations are not incompatible with the spectacle offered Secret Invasionan almost realistic story – for a Marvel series – whose visual universe is inspired more by Carol Reed’s spy films or certain adaptations of John le Carré’s novels than by the cosmic inventions of Stan Lee. Secret Invasion would like to be to the Marvel universe whatAndor was to that of Star Wars. A production aimed at adults who have left behind the adolescent anxieties of X-Men and the martial exploits of avengers. Even in the third age, since the hero of Secret Invasion is an old man just out of retirement, Nick Fury, a role that Samuel L. Jackson took on fifteen years ago.

Fury, who was spending peaceful days somewhere in space, returns to Earth, to Moscow, where Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) calls him back, after she discovers a new existential threat hanging over him. the planet. The two episodes that were shown before the start of the online release, Wednesday June 21 (which will be done at the rate of one episode per week), implement impressive means.

A new generation of Skrulls

It is not so much a question of destroying entire cities (although the conclusion of the pilot is explosive) as of bringing together a company of actors capable of holding their rank against Samuel L. Jackson. The successive appearances of Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Colman (who has a lot of fun as an MI5 agent as perky as the Queen of Hearts ofAlice in Wonderland), Emilia Clarke, or the reunion with Don Cheadle, whose character James “Rhodey” Rhodes has been promoted to the rank of adviser to the President of the United States, generates enough energy to mask the flaw that prevents Secret Invasion to satisfy his tragic ambitions.

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It is not enough to rush a familiar character into the streets of a generic Moscow where enemies indistinguishable from allies lie in wait, to put the metaphysical anxieties of the spies of Graham Greene or John le Carré on time. of the XXIe century. Nick Fury was brought back to Earth to face the possibility of an invasion of the planet by the Skrulls, a people who have wandered interstellar space since the destruction of their world. Fury and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) once promised to find them a planet just for them.

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