The “100% organic” melodies of singer Faada Freddy

Faada Freddy, in Paris, in December 2022.

Always impeccable with elegance, Faada Freddy arrives with a calm, affable and smiling step. He will soon be on the main stage of the Musiques Métisses festival in Angoulême, where we will meet him at the beginning of June. Accompanied by his team of vocalists, he will give a concert there ” organic “, he warns. “Just voices and body percussion”. The signature of the 48-year-old singer, born Abdoul Fatah Seck, in Saint-Louis, Senegal, and brilliantly reaffirmed today, after Gospel Journey, his first solo album, released in 2015, on the same label (Think Zik!). An artistic approach initiated in parallel with his career with Daara J, the hip-hop group he created in Dakar in the early 1990s with Ndongo D. and El Hadji Man, which became Daara J Family in 2010, with five musicians on stage and without El Hadji Man, off to other adventures.

This texture “100% organic”, quips the singer, will also be the color of his new a cappella soul album Golden Cages, to be published in September. Twelve titles written and sung in English, his own compositions and no longer covers as on the previous one. He is currently presenting on tour some titles of this project, collected in an EP, Tables Will Turn, published at the end of May. It will notably pass through Solidays, Jazz à Vienne and the Trianon in Paris.

Inner revolt

No apparent stress before his concert in Angoulême but all the same… The concern is there. At the beginning of June, the violence and clashes with the police that occurred after the conviction of opponent Ousmane Sonko, mayor of Ziguinchor, have already caused several deaths. “The thickness of the night we are going through affects me deeply”, comments the singer who lives between Senegal and Paris. He doesn’t want to say more. Neither about Sonko, nor about the repression of demonstrations, nor about the social crisis in Senegal, nor about President Macky Sall.

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He prefers to decipher Golden Cagesthe song that will be the title of his next album and already performed on stage. “I sing in it: ‘You have the right to vote but you are always treated as irrelevant, there is no justice with a knee on your neck… you are only a number, a QR code in The golden cage”. » He also talks about his inner revolt. “We must free ourselves from mental prisons. In this song I also say: “my golden cage, I left it behind me. Where freedom calls me, there is no return. I would have liked to take you with me in my freedom but little bird doesn’t want to free himself, he prefers to keep his chains that he drags again and again. You will know my destination when you free yourself from these chains, from these golden cages”. »

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