The end of all advertising after 8 p.m. on France Télévisions recommended by deputies

The headquarters of the France Télévisions group, on September 4, 2017, in Paris.

“In a changing world, a stationary target is an easy target. » Arrived at the end of the information mission on the future of public broadcasting which mobilized them for seven months, the deputies Jean-Jacques Gaultier (Les Républicains, LR), president, and Quentin Bataillon (Renaissance), rapporteur, have found the “punchline” supposed to sum up their motivation to shake up France Télévisions, Radio France, France Médias Monde and the National Audiovisual Institute.

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The work of the parliamentarians was to take the form, on Wednesday June 7, of some thirty proposals formulated at the conclusion of a 126-page report approved by a majority of the members of the mission – with the exception of the National Rally, which did not not take part in the vote, but also of La France insoumise and the Socialist Party, who voted against.

The disappearance of all advertising messages after 8 p.m. on France Télévisions and the creation, in the long term, of a holding company overseeing all the public audiovisual entities (apart from Arte), are the main recommendations.

“Lobbying of private channels”

The two parliamentarians were to table on Wednesday a proposal for an organic law aimed at modifying the organic law relating to finance laws, in order to lay the first stone of their building: the sustainability of the mode of financing put in place in 2022 after the abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting (ex-royalty), which involves the allocation of a fraction of the VAT.

Thanks to this text, the deputies wish, in order to “reaffirming the uniqueness of public service”, the withdrawal of all advertising on France Télévisions between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Either the disappearance of sponsorships (these messages which frame short programs such as the weather), but also, in this same time slot, of the spots which precede the viewing of a program in replay.

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“Sponsorships represent three and a half minutes per hour on each of our channels between 8 p.m. and midnight. It is not by taking them away that TF1 and M6 will be better off”it is argued in the floors of the France Televisions group. United within the Association of Private Channels, the TF1, M6, Canal+ and Altice groups have indeed just called on the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, to denounce what they consider “breaking the rules” by France Télévisions (although never sanctioned on this point). “Their lobbying seems to have been ultra-effective,” note, annoyed, a manager of one of the companies concerned.

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