The series of the week: “Secret Invasion”, “My first times”, “I’m a Virgo”…


Ramona Young, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Lee Rodriguez in the series

The great heat being conducive to ventilated confinement, the chains and platforms are playing their last cards before the traditional summer slumber. The best surprise comes this week from Prime Video (I’m a Virgo), but Netflix is ​​not to be outdone, with new seasons of excellent my first times And black-mirror.

“Secret Invasion”: the third age of Nick Fury

After an eight-month hiatus, the new Marvel series would like to be in the universe of avengers whatAndor is to that of Star Wars, a tale for adults who have left behind the teenage pleasures of intergalactic combat. The hero is an old man, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who has come out of retirement to face the threat posed by the Skrulls, stateless extraterrestrials, to whom Fury once promised to find them a planet of their own. Tired of waiting, the younger generation has decided to take over our planet.

Able to take on a human appearance (which allows Emilia Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn to play their roles without having to take on a greenish complexion), the Skrulls are everywhere. This omnipresence generates the paranoia specific to spy stories but comes the moment (and only two episodes have been shown) when the systematic uncertainty as to the identity of the characters generates an indifference that is barely tempered by the quality of the interpreters (whose Olivia Colman as an MI6 agent). Thomas Sotinel

“Secret Invasion”, series created by Kyle Bradstreet, with Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Charlayne Woodard, Don Cheadle (United States, 2023, 6 x 55 minutes), on Disney+, one episode on Wednesday from June 21 to July 26.

“My first times”, season 5: last moments in Sherman Oaks

In four very homogeneous seasons, my first times has established itself as one of Netflix’s most attractive programs for young audiences. The merit goes mainly to the writing talent of Mindy Kaling, who drew inspiration from her own high school years to tell the adolescence of Devi (delightful Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a young girl of Indian origin raised alone by her mother in the California town of Sherman Oaks. At the start of this new burst of episodes, Devi ticked enough boxes on her “to-do list” (dominated by a fundamental step: sleeping with a boy) to calmly consider her senior year, which should naturally lead to admission to the university of his choice. A salvo of unexpected refusals reshuffles the cards and forces the young girl to mature a little faster than expected.

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