The series of the week: “The Crowded Room”, “The Full Monty” and “Pour l’or de Tsilanga”


Robert Carlyle in the series

The series also have the right to take vacations, and it would seem that they have even taken a little advance this year because the rhythm of broadcasts, in this month of June, has slowed down considerably. The Crowded Room, The Full Monty And For the gold of Tsilanga will probably not appear in the end-of-year best-ofs but, while waiting for better days, they can help alleviate boredom.

“The Crowded Room”: Inside Tom Holland’s Brain

There is, in the program of this original Apple series, a promise impossible to keep: that of not “disclosing” the heart of the intrigue, mysteriously staged for a large part of the season (which has 10 episodes) . Except that a few mouse clicks are enough to realize that the secret is already well exposed online. But the most interesting thing in the story of Danny (Tom Holland), a young boy involved in a New York shooting in the late 1970s and questioned at length by an investigator (Amanda Seyfried) about his responsibility, is less the mental illness for which it suffers only the ambition with which it is staged.

Raised by a single mother and an abusive stepfather, Danny left home. In search of independence and answers, in particular on the disappearance of his father, years earlier, the young man makes a series of meetings which will lead to the incident for which he finds himself in police custody. These meetings draw a gallery of portraits of unequal interest, the meaning of which the viewer will only understand after a certain number of episodes.

The idea behind The Crowded Room is rich with possibilities (M. Night Shyamalan made a great movie out of it), but the series never quite manages to find its form. The result is a spectacle that’s not unpleasant to watch but spineless, traversed by a monolithic Tom Holland, who doesn’t seem to know what to play. There remains the enigmatic presence of Amanda Seyfried, who raises the bar a little with each appearance. It is essentially for her that we will remain. At. f.

Series created by Akiva Goldsman. With Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, Sasha Lane, Will Chase (USA, 2023, 10 x 40-60 minutes). Three episodes available on demand on Apple TV+, one episode per week on Fridays.

“The Full Monty”: winded remake for cult film

A glimmer of hope in a month of June generally poor in new releases, this “reboot” of the great British family comedy of the late 1990s has the advantage of having succeeded in bringing together the entire original cast, led by Robert Carlyle . Which says a lot about the weak career accelerator that Peter Cattaneo’s film was ultimately for most of its actors. We find them here well aged, still in Sheffield, a small deindustrialized town, but where the old amateur Chippendales try as best they can to survive a still gloomy daily life. From allowances to odd jobs, from paltry entrepreneurial adventures to more or less shady schemes, not much has changed, except perhaps the perky energy of the film, which seems to have completely deserted.

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