“Tina” Turner on MyCanal, story of an emancipation


“How do you bow out slowly to leave? » Tina Turner asks documentarians Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, which she received in Zurich in 2019, ten years after her last concert. “I had a violent life”, says, by way of assessment, the singer who marked the history of rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll and who has just bowed out, at the age of 83, on May 24, at her home in Zurich, in Swiss. Nothing has been easy in her life and it is precisely because she had the courage to tell it that her life took another turn.

This film, produced by her husband Erwin Bach, will be her testament, as a last farewell to her millions of fans. A dramaturgy in five acts from which we come out with a lot of energy. We enjoy both the electrifying images of the singer’s fabulous concerts and her precious words. Above all, we understand how Tina Turner has rebuilt a career, a public image and a fulfilling love life for herself, despite the winds – misogynistic and racist – contrary.

Sheena, queen of the jungle. It is from a character in this television series that she takes her artist name, imposed by her husband Ike Turner when he founded their duo. The story of a female Tarzan, who becomes queen of the jungle. Astonishing premonition of the destiny of the young Anna Mae Bullock. The future Tina Turner is growing up “in the cotton fields” from his native rural Tennessee. As a teenager, she swooned over guitarist Ike Turner who, impressed by her voice and her extraordinary energy, took her under his wing and then held her in his grip. Success is key, but Tina Turner lives a martyrdom with this runner, cocaine addict and violent husband.

Liberation for thousands of women

We can hear in the film excerpts from the crucial interview she gave to peopleweekly in 1981, recounting the violence – thirty-five years before #metoo. Liberation for thousands of women: “We have received 50,000 letters from women who have been there and survived”announced Oprah Winfrey triumphantly when she received the singer in 1996.

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The first act of glory stops net, in 1978, when she obtains the divorce. To pay her debts and those left to her by her husband, raise her children, Tina Turner hides in cabaret shows in Las Vegas, for television shows or in McDonald’s conventions. But she didn’t give up on her dream of “to become the first black rock singer to fill stadiums like the Rolling Stones”.

The meeting with an Australian producer will establish the foundations of her triumphant renaissance: in the spring of 1984, she released the album Private Dancer and the pipe What’s Love Go to Do with It. Four years later, she enters the Guinness World Records : on January 16, 1988, his concert in the mythical enclosure of the Maracana stadium in Rio brought together more than 180,000 people.

Tinaby Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin (EU, 2021; 115 min), available on demand on MyCanal.

Tina Turner – Live in Rio on Arte

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