“Wow! », by Bruno Podalydès: the vagueness in the soul of a truculent duo of real estate agents

Sabine Azéma and Karine Viard in “Wow!  by Bruno Podalydes.


The argument is simple as pie. Two real estate agents take turns visiting two properties, in Bougival, in the Yvelines. On the one hand, a functional one-bedroom apartment in the city center; on the other hand, a large bourgeois house “swimming pool” with a view of the RER and work to be planned. In terms of staging (or Chinese philosophy): emptiness and fullness (yin and yang). Nothing better to reflect the values ​​of new and old, practical and charming, reason and heart.

Let’s say it right away, this film, shot in less than a month, is a success that has aroused the famous “wow” after which run the two advisers.

A few words about them. Oracio (Bruno Podalydès) easily gets the keys tangled up but knows how to play on sensitive strings. He gives his trainee (Victor Lefebvre) amazing advice – to advise, to accompany, to have the answer to everything, to talk about “exceptional property”, captain ? – which turn out, in fact, to be frankly dispensable. And then there is Catherine (Karin Viard), recently widowed. Foresighted and conscientious, she crosses the town in no time on a small scooter that is easy to park, and puts on medical overshoes when she shows the apartment of which she knows the surface area of ​​each room inside out.

Unlike cathodic experts (Stéphane Plaza in “Recherche appartement ou maison”, on M6, or the Kretz family in “L’Agence”, a program broadcast on Netflix and TMC), blessed in all circumstances, Wow! captures the beautiful wave in the soul of its negotiators. In this rhythmic comedy with impeccable dialogues of humor, even the real estate agents have the spleen. And each of their appearances, stalkers and inhabited, gives the impression that they are playing out their lives on a theater stage.

Unlikely encounters

Here is Catherine, this Antigone of real estate, pacing the empty floor of the apartment to signify to the painter responsible for acidifying the walls of the kitchen to kindly lower the sound of his radio. So she can launch into a monologue about “the golden triangle of Bougival” (which does not exist…) in front of rather perplexed customers. We recognize here the poetry of Bruno Podalydès, close to that of his friend Alain Resnais (1922-2014), who had also filmed voluntary but overworked champions of the Carrez law in We know the song (1997) and Hearts (2006).

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What if clients had become aliens in the eyes of real estate advisers? It must be said that they almost all aspire to the same way of life – a very bohemian but practical one – and oscillate between two attitudes with regard to the agents: contempt and the session of psychiatrist.

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