“Young and golri”, on OCS Max: the time of maturity for Prune and Alma

Prune (Agnès Hurstel) and Alma (Saül Benchetrit) in the “Jeune et Golri” series.


With her assumed no look, her darling in her hair and her bracelets in colored pearls, Prune (Agnès Hurstel) still looks like she is 17 years old. The problem is that she has 34, already eight more than at the very beginning of Young and golri, and that its resistance to the passage of time no longer makes anyone laugh. Starting with Francis (Jonathan Lambert), the ” wallpaper ” fifties from the first season, who, after eight years of marriage with the stand-upeuse, is fed up with having neither a country house nor a joint account. “I want to be given flowers, I deserve flowers!” », he complains to the one he ends up leaving for Bambie, 45 years old and with a full chest (Mélanie Doutey). Collateral victim of this separation: the close bond between Prune and Alma, Francis’ daughter.

Rewarded at the Series Mania festival in 2021, the first season seduced by its freshness, its sitcom humor and the charm of its actors: partly located in the world of Parisian comedy clubs, it featured Marie Papillon, Lison Daniel and Paul Mirabel. . Driven by this great momentum, we feel that Agnès Hurstel (co-creator, co-writer and co-director of the series) wanted to bring a lot of things into this second (and probably last) season.

Memorial detour

And, as the actress writes a lot and rather well (she recently co-signed, with Cédric Klapisch, the screenplay for Greek salad, on Prime Video), it is jostling at the gate of ideas. The relationship between Prune and Alma (it’s the delicious Saül Benchetrit, discovered in 2022 in tender fleshwho takes over the role) thus cohabits with the crisis of adolescence of the young girl and the existential questioning of her now ex-mother-in-law.

While Alma waits for her period and the attention of a boy, Prune decides, for her part, to stop the show. “rinsed from home rinsed” that she plays in provincial MJCs, for, instead, “do drama”. Stumbled upon the diary her Jewish grandmother kept during the war, she digs into the family past in search of new, more serious and mature inspiration.

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This memorial detour, which is only one of the many threads that Young and golri pulls along the season, would probably have deserved a little more time and space to fully convince, because, despite the great seductiveness of the characters and situations, the season suffers from wanting to say too much. Eight episodes of barely twenty-five minutes, it is indeed ric-rac, especially since, between the first and the last, four years will have passed. The company, however charming, thus gives the impression of being carried out at a run, which is not lacking in irony for a series whose subject is the refusal to see time slip away.

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